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Thread: .222 beginner to loading

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    .222 beginner to loading

    hi all any help much appreciated I'm going to load my tika 595 .I have some hornady 55gr and some vihtavuori 130 .I have been on the vh site and looked at there data just double checking iff this is the one to follow or are there others many thanks

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    When I began reloading some decades ago the good advice then was buy a good reloading manual and read it. Despite the digital age that advice still holds good although I doubt many both to follow it today and that is possibly one reason for so many reloading questions on forums. Perhaps if we were to step back more to basics then there would be less need fo such pleas and questions!

    Now a question for you. Have your thought of using 50 grain bullets? Match ones seem to be in 52 and 53 grain weight. The .222 Remington was alway a round that interested me and one that I have been shooting occasionally at the local rifle club.

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    sorry iff I haven't made it clear but I haven't problems with load data on 40 and 50 grn bullets but I seem to have limited info on the 55grn bullets in the two books I have

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    My Nosler manual shows 19.5 - 21.5 grns of N130 with 19.5 being the most accurate for that powder.

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    It is often said that the 222 Remington is at it's weight limit with 55 grain bullets and performs better with the 50 grainers. That is probably why you finding less information for 55 grain bullets.

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    always go with powder manufacturer data IMO

    plenty of data there

    3,6 55 Soft Point Lapua 53,5 2.106 N120 1,19 18.4 858 2815 1,27 19.6 913 2995
    N130 1,26 19.4 871 2858 1,34 20.7 933 3061
    N133 1,35 20.8 883 2897 1,47 22.7 949 3114
    N135 1,40 21.6 896 2940 1,50 23.1 956 3136

    as always this is a guide
    your rifle may be well under or over any of the specs on their rifle and load

    in practice the difference between 19.4gr and 20.7gr is minimal

    as to weight limits
    its not weight its length

    I run 60gr Hornady flat base soft points in two 1:14" twist .222s with solid results

    you dont say which hornady 55gr you are using
    if its Vmax the bullet length is longer than the soft points
    results will vary depending on rifle and load

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    thanks for your reply the bullets are hornady 55gr spsx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kernow View Post
    thanks for your reply the bullets are hornady 55gr spsx
    How did you end up with 55 gr bullets for the .222? I hope your dealer didn't recommend them. As mentioned, they are the upper end of 222 (1-14" twist) suitability. I shoot 52 grain from my Deuces. Works like a champ for accuracy. Forty grain bullets for Varmints.~Muir

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    i just got some 50g ppu to try in my .222 ,factory ppu loads shot sub moa at 100m going to be pennys per round if they run sweet,,,
    .22lr, .22lr .222, .223, .243, .270, .308 , 12g fac, 12g, 12g, 12g, 12g
    and still growing.....

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    I have the one book/one calibre.
    For Vhit 130 start at 17.3 for 2700fps 18.2 for 2800 19.1 for 2900 20.1 for 3000
    and a 'use with caution' 21.0 for 3100, COL :2.130. The test rifle had a 24" barrel with 1:14 twist.
    All mine were most accurate with a 50gr around the 3050 mark.
    Good luck.

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