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Thread: A Shotgun on boar?

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    A Shotgun on boar?

    just wondering if anybody would use a shotgun with solids on boar, i have been on a driven boar hunt in poland where quite a few people where using them, i am talking about driven hunting, rather than stalking by the way. i am going driven hunting ( hopefully) next year and am seriously considering my berreta urika 2 with solids rather than the 6.5x55 swed
    any tips or advice more than welcome


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    Hi Sam. I certainly would. Obviously the distance would have to be modest but they are used alot in Europe and would certainly knock them over.


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    Hi Sam,
    I echo what Grant has said. Close range why not? I have seen them taken with solids and it delivers one hell of a whack. I'd be OK with it up to 35yds, but thats just my gut feeling. Has anyone here used one, and at what range do you need to move up to a rifle?

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    They're pretty effective, could you not go a little further with them than 35 yards. I seem to remember a fair number of years ago launching a few at a small fridge door a sheet of steel and a fence post at hundred yards. Went clean through the lot, I was surprised how accurate they were. I would think they are ideal for driven boar, bit like 458 winchester out to about 60 yards. Probably much easier to get on your ticket than 458 and cheaper as well.

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    I am not absolutely certain because my french isn't good, but believe that the guidance given in France regarding maximum distance is 30 or 35Mtrs. Perhaps someone with better knowledge of the hunting permit scheme and testing system there will correct me.
    I have assumed that this thread refers to Europe and shotguns with solid slug and not shotguns with rifled barrels such as in the U.S. where the rifled shotguns are used as an alternative in some states to rifles, this being an entirely different matter.

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    I would certainly use them as they are a big lump of lead travelling at a reasonable velocity. A slug has more muzzle energy than a 30-06 I believe. Brother in law uses them in France against boar with a good English side by side.

    And I would use them with either my Benelli Nova or Aya Coral over and under

    But before I went I would want to sight them in, particularly with the AyA to see if both barrles shot near the same point - what's the score on getting slugs in this country to practice with.

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    Used in my o/u slug groups are very good at 30yds but with slightly different points of aim. The top barrell shoots point of aim at this distance while the bottom barrel also gives similar tight groups but about 2" lower and to the right. This is with a conventional bead sight and no rear sight so plenty accurate enough for driven shooting.
    I have experimented with different choke combinations (multi choke) but the results have always been similar.
    My variation for slug was granted for target shooting as several members of my shooting club have FAC shotguns for practical type events and I wanted to give it a go using a conventional gun without spending out on another firearm.

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    Slug is excellent for driven boar. Pump/self loading shotguns are very popular. Useing a rifled slug barrel and shooting the sabo slugs its not unusual to get 4" groups at 100 yards. Shooting slugs through a shot gun barrel rifled for slug takes slug shooting to a different level.
    I shoot Brenneke slugs in my comdination weapon at 50mtrs they are 6" lower than the bullet and at 100mtrs a bit over 1' lower.

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    A rifled slug barrel on an auto or pump is not an option in the U.K.
    I have heard mention on the internet of screw-in multichokes that are rifled similar to the old Paradox system, but have never seen any. These in theory would permit the use of saboted slug through a multichoke double gun.

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    It would be worth a look on the internet at the rifled chokes. I know they do them for pump/semiauto shotguns. I'v read they shoot sabot slugs better than a smooth barrel but not as good as a rifled slug barrel. Would it be possible to import rifled chokes into the UK?

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