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Thread: Large fluffy dog

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    Large fluffy dog

    This might be as off topic as we get here gentlemen: I need a large new good quality cuddly toy dog - preferably a lab - to make a nine year old lady's Christmas. The stuff I've found so far on Amazon etc is not of the quality I am looking for. Anyone have any hints on where to look, websites etc.
    Cheers, Santa

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    Clintons cards shops ?

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    Shortly after leaving school years ago I worked for the uk importer. Very good quality. Open a box of these in front of the female reps got you noticed!Worth a web trawl.

    The above list a Labradoodle, amongst other mongrels.


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    Have a look at Keel toys:

    They do them in various sizes, including a giant 120cm one if you're feeling flush and really want to make her Christmas! My girls have both got 50cm versions (a lab and a dalmation) and they love them. Had them a few years and well played with so they are decent quality.

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    many thanks gentlemen, the search has ended. I did have a look at Tictac's recommendation as I know that Gund make very fine toys. Sadly the ones from teddybearland were not the size required. I ended up following andyf's recommendation and bought a 120cm lab on amazon. Santa...job done

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