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Thread: Best Value Laptop

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    Best Value Laptop

    Need a little help in sorting out a new laptop, are there any deals out there?

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    Staples offer no question returns up to so many days afterwards if with original box. Even if opened and used as long as original box is with it. I think that the "grocers" such as Sainsbury, Asda, Tesco may also. From my experience I'd NEVER use any Curry's or PC World outlet as they don't and will offer all reasons under the sun why they won't accept a return and refund you. They are in old fashioned "Leicester speak" shysters...AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
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    this may not be popular but on personal experience I'd look at a Mac laptop, I know they are expensive compared to most PC laptops but they last for years and are very reliable, working out cheaper in the long run. Best deals are on the refurb area of the Apple site, or John Lewis.

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    Have a look at Argos e-bay shop they do fully loaded 12 month warranty refurbished laptops cheap as chips.Loads of different makes to choose from and no quibble returns .i have a Toshiba satellite 660 and her indoors has an Acer from them no issues at all atb
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