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Thread: a stalking story from the past

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    a stalking story from the past

    let me give you a insight to my situation, at the moment am stuck in the Sahara and reading the stories and accounts from every one is a real boost if not a bit envious, so I decided to post one of my own depending how it goes down maybe some more.
    It was just after a cold snap while out scouting for the forthcoming doe season, I left the house early well before day light and was in the wood in plenty of time but I could not finding any thing no sign, no tracks nothing. After several uneventful hours I had all but given up and was heading for home. When for some reason I decided to have a quick glass over a dry stone dike in to the neighbouring field. I did not have permission to enter the adjacent ground but I decided to have a look any way incase some were out feeding, and there was a doe not 40 yards full broad side to me. So I sat down and watched her for some time, trying to find out more about her where she would go? Would she come on to my ground or not?
    Then from no were, ten yards in front of her I glimpsed the tips of an antler and that was it, the heart started to pump, and the harder I looked the harder and faster my hart pumped. The doe walked at 90° to me, and ended up beside the buck blocking my view of him, then she disappeared behind a gorse bush and he had vanished. I had not got a good look at him yet but I knew he was either the main buck or the satellite as I had been trying all summer to get either one.
    My head was starting to pound with the rhythm of my heart. Had I lost him? With the end of the season so close it was today or never. I stayed still and waited keeping my glasses stuck to the last spot where I last seen the doe. Then further up the hedge row I caught a glimpse of white. There they were, I knew that there was a old trail up a head that would lead back into the wood that I was in, they where coming on to my ground about 100 yards up a head of where I was.
    It was time to move and move fast if there was to be any chance of a shot. As once in the wood there was 20 yards of fallen mature pine then a clearing of 40 yards after that what can only be described as a mixture of impenetrable plantation and more fallen pines, if they made it across the clearing that was it, I would not see him again until next year. So I jumped down from the dike running back into the wood some 50 yards to give me the best possible angle along the clearing still keeping my eye on the old trail hoping that I would be right. But before I could get there I heard a crash and the sound of braking branches, (it sounded more like a moose than a roe). I turned and there he was pushing his way through the fallen pines his head came up under a big old pine trunk, the gap must have been just the right size as it looked more like a bolt hole for a rabbit not for a roe.
    As he came up from under the trunk it was then that I got a good look at him and my hart stopped I could not believe the sight in front of me. At that we both locked eyes and then he took off with such speed and effortless grace, it was almost magical stopping right on the edge of the clearance as quick as he had started. Looked back at me giving me the perfect shoulder shot at about 80yards. Before I had a second look I heard my rifle go off and the buck stumbled and ran into the remaining standing mature pine.
    I had taken the shot as if by instinct, now to rush after him or wait. It was all I could do to control myself, I knew the shot was good but I forced myself sit I laid out my shooting sticks one pointing to where I had taken the shot and the other to where I had last seen him 20 yard to the left of the shot. It was an eternity after ten minutes I went of to the shot sight, after 4 or 5 minutes I could not find a blood trial, nothing. “Take it easy” I said to myself “you know the shot was good keep looking”, then I seen it, how could I miss it! A good blood trail (like the yellow brick road in the wizard of OZ but red.) “Wait some more” I thought “the last thing you want now is to scare him off. Just incase sit back down for another 5 minutes if nothing else to regain your self.”
    5 more minutes, I started off on the trail it was not hard to do every blade of grass, every tree had a 6” red flash across it; the harder I looked the more of a trail I could see. Then around one last trunk not even 25 yards from the shot site there he was, and that’s when I realised just how big a buck he was. Not just his antlers but his whole body. Shortly after during the long hall out of the wood back to the truck I really knew how big he was as it was nearly ¼ of a mile, all in some of the finest Scottish highland scenery.
    The best bit of it is during December when I was out stalking doe’s, in the same wood not 50 yards from where the buck fell. The snow came on and was almost a white out, when out of the blue or should I say white, came this monster buck maybe 20 yards from me still with both antlers.
    My beast weighed 19.1 kilo dressed out head and feet off in the game larder. The head to the best of my measurements is 540g and 28.5 cm long and 17 wide and I shot it on the 18th of October in Aberdeenshire and can in 1.5 points from gold.

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    hope it was up to standered charlie.

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    Good write up.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Yup very good, more please


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