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Thread: Doves in South Africa

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    Doves in South Africa


    Me and a few few friends are thinking of going to Africa for some dove and pigeon shooting.

    Probably looking at 2018 so it gives us time to save and make sure we can make a proper trip of it.

    Has any one done it? Any reviews of who to book with? Any advise would be greatly.


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    Maybe you've got a particular reason to go to South Africa, but whilst I know very little about either, I have read a few articles in the past about doves in South America. Argentina I think it was. (Or maybe Argentina isn't a place you want to go).

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    Argentina is working out a lot more expensive. We aren't trying to shoot 2000 a day so South Africa was looking a better choice

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    i lived there 20 years and moved there for the fishing and hunting but never saw or was aware of anything like this good luck but be careful there are a lot of people ripping Brits off for so called safari shooting good shooting is not available cheap anywhere on this planet

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    The last quote of good shooting isn't cheap is very true.

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    Try Umilo Safaris; they get good results and reviews from friends of mine who e been before.

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