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Thread: CENS Pro Flex 1e

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    CENS Pro Flex 1e

    With the price of these now coming down I wonder if anyone has tried the 1e and can report back? Still 299 but a lot cheaper than they have been.

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    Resurrect this, someone must have a pair?

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    I have some hopefully arriving next week. You need to add 25 on for the ear impressions. The big difference, in my estimation, compared with the more expensive models is you apparently need to take the batteries in and out as there is no on off switch. Will be a few weeks before I can assess.

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    Thanks, I look forward to your thoughts.

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    I've got them. I ordered them through "hidden hearing" In Salisbury and didn't have to pay the extra 25. They are excellent, used them on the clays, pigeon shooting and partridge days and could wear them all day. The only thing they don't have is an off switch so you have to take the batteries out (or huts leave them in to go flat) but they supply a little magnetic stick to pick them out with.

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    That's good to know, thanks. What are they like with wind please? I have a pair of acoustic ones and they can be a nightmare.

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    I have used them in moderate wind and with the volume on its lowest settings they were fine. Not used in strong winds but the company do ridiculous looking ear covers that are supposed to help. I think I would just either switch them off and use then passively or cover my ears with a buff if the wind noise was too problematic.

    Overall an excellent purchase though

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