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Thread: BMH advert

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    BMH advert

    Has anyone else seen the advert in the shooting times this week?

    BMH pups for 500

    Dont have any connection to the seller and have no idea why they are so much less than the bavarians usually go for but if you are looking for one it might be worth a bit more investigation


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    Did see it, but assumed it was a missprint.

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    More than plenty for a dog and the more money they cost the more they will fall foul to the money men and be out of reach of the genuine hunting lands. Keep the price down and the working ability up dont sell to any one that shoots less than 20 deer a year as they dont need one,

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    Now Choc i never said i was going to buy one. You know i have my Chesapeakes.

    Incidentally...........where are the pics of the rifle?

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    Not started useing it yet its my winter stealth job scotsgun

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    Hi Dan

    I am selling mine for that price I did not breed to make a fortune just for my mates that have seen how good my bitch is and wanted one maybe this guy has done the same.

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    Kelvin, if you have some for sale can you send me details please, i am looking to get a bitch currently. Thanks

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    Its good to see that they are coming to a more realistic price (not that 500 is pocket change)

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    The price seems to vary from what I have seen. The important thing is to look at the parents and the lineage of the dog you are about to invest time and money in! 500 is a lot of money, but put it against the dog/bitch you may end up spending the next 10+ years working with its not a lot.

    People spend that on a scope, in fact many spend in excess of 1000 on a scope. Spending the right amount on the right scope for the job is no different to a good deer dog in my opinion providing it is from a good working strain. Most good working Labs start at about 400 to 500, not that I have ever owned a Lab, I am just going by prices I have seen in the past.

    Whatever dog you choose for the job I wish you all well and hope you have many good days in the field with what can be and most times are the best of companions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    i am looking to get a bitch currently.
    The other thing to look for with BMH is that both parent dogs are registered and have been hip scored. Seems there are plenty of the breed out there who are neither.


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