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Thread: BASC non-renewal rant

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    BASC non-renewal rant

    Having received all the usual nagging comms from BASC to renew - I did, online, on the 26th October, even receiving an email confirmation.

    Except that I did not.

    I found this out today after waiting patiently for my new card.

    Apparently BASC had a technical problem, which they have not told anyone about! That must have been some technical problem if all website form logs and email logs were lost. Smacks of a truly non-professional IT department which also makes me wonder just how secure their systems are.

    They could have told folk, plenty of BASC folk on here, they could have apologised, they could have reassured members that all was well and offered an explanation. But they chose to do none of this in true BASC non communication style. This is simply really poor customer service for which there is no excuse.

    I am also a member of the NGO so as it happens I did still have insurance cover, but suppose this had not been the case?

    If you 'renewed' online at around the same time and are also waiting patiently for your membership card I suggest that you also check.

    BASC will not be getting my hard earned for a year in protest, then I will reconsider. Instead it will go to the BDS.

    I doubt this rant will make the slightest difference but it makes me feel a little better.

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    If your a stalker join the bds

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    Quote Originally Posted by N1mr0d View Post

    BASC will not be getting my hard earned for a year in protest, then I will reconsider. Instead it will go to the BDS.

    I doubt this rant will make the slightest difference but it makes me feel a little better.

    Your last line says it all. This is the reason why BASC will never improve-too many go back after all the issues.BASC dont have to improve to continue 'earning their corn'.

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    Was a BASC member for over 10 years then the one and only time I wanted something a lack of communication by my area rep took the P to a new level. All my phone calls were ignored and response to emails was "I'll get back to you"
    Now with NGO and guess what I won't be getting back to BASC

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    I think I will be taking my membership elsewhere next year too as I seem to be paying rather a lot of money for a glossy magazine and insurance and I am pretty sure that similar insurance can be bought far less expensively elsewhere.

    I am not really convinced that BASC are doing that much to earn their subscription fee's either and I echo the feeling of a previous poster. I too believe that many people just carry on paying their subscription fee year after year without questioning if they are genuinely getting value for money.

    As an example - A couple of years ago, a friend (also a BASC member) wanted another 243 cal rifle, he wanted this to use with a dedicated NV scope for foxing after dark. Gwent police firearms department didn't approve of granting a variation for another rifle of the same calibre my friend was told be the FEO.

    I took it up with BASC on behalf of my friend and stated that having more than 1 rifle in the same calibre (provided there was a valid reason) was not an uncommon event with other forces - as I am sure BASC were well aware!...Very surprisingly BASC were not willing to help, support or intervene on my friend's behalf and seemed to be siding with the firearms department.

    We decided not to give up without a fight and go it alone. After about a month of letters pinging back and forth including asking some probing questions as to why exactly this was being denied when other forces have granted variations for the same reason, the decision maker at Gwent police firearms department finally begrudgingly granted the variation.

    This made us question exactly how hard BASC was willing to work to earn our hard earned money!
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    Not good. Yet by all accounts, their membership continues to go up. Go figure!

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    Just to say I had an email from BDS in October to say that my insurance was not sent out to me as they had an issue with there IT system, sound familiar?

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