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Thread: Sporting Rifle

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    Sporting Rifle

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been a member of this forum and one of the feature writers for Sporting Rifle for over 2 years now, my features are not technical, just hunting adventures.

    Now this has taken me a while to decide to post this thread so please bear with me!

    Everyone has a right to an opinion, but there seems to be excessive axe grinding going on here regarding Sporting Rifle and the Editor, I would like to ask Selena as a forum member and managing editor of SR to comment on the Editor's experience, character, writing ability and suitability to edit SR magazine?

    Selena has joined this forum and on here she is the face of SR (Selena Masson Sporting Rifle). Some members have suggested that she is the one to put things right, I think it would certainly give her more credibility to the other members on here if she states what she actually thinks may be wrong if anything with SR or it's Editor.

    Hopefully this is not too much to ask! Stalking Directory is a very informative website, the forum is a stalkers dream with a place for everyone, a simple question will always return a barrage of answers and help every time.


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    I'm really not sure where you want to go with this, but it seems to me that you are asking someone to critique one of their work colleagues on a public forum and I'm not sure that is fair. What on earth do you expect her to say? Apart from anything else, after her last reception on here it is unlikely Selena will want to make any further contributions on this forum and frankly I don't blame her.

    I'd very much like her to be able to post freely on here and interact freely with the magazine's readership but I don't think pulling her through the rack again is going to achieve that.

    If we really want to do the Sporting Rifle 'thing' again then I think it should be kept general, non-personal and constructive. Suffice to say, whatever happens we aren't going to let this degenerate into another Sporting Rifle lynch mob.

    If I've misunderstood the purpose of this thread then please do set me straight!


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    I can't help thinking that the OP should have discussed this with the forums admin team before posting!!!

    Agree with CSL. It's madness to ask someone to comment on a colleagues ability on a public forum where a significant number of people have, to be fair, slated the magazine! I really cannot see what good could come from doing so. Unless there is a conspiracy / plan going on at SR HQ?

    There have been many suggestions on how this mag can be improved. Perhaps Selena and the OP would do well to stay away from this subject on the forum and consider them before discussing this particular subject on here? Just my two penneth....

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    OK Brian,

    I was one that started a post about SR and will be writing to the magazine about it. Have only just got a WP package on this new machine installed not 15 minutes ago so now I can write it. Will save it to disk so I can print it off. No printer on this one, W7 you know the scanner won;t work no drivers as yet, the printer the same progress. darned system didn't even have an e-mail package so trying to get one to work with it now.

    OH Windows 7 is so easy .................................................. ................................................. Don't you believe it!

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    here we go again,lets wait for people with hidden agenda's to get the knives out yet again,theres no dought SR is an informitive mag and the editor Peter Carr obviously has extensive experience in many forms of hunting.
    Peter Carr,you eithier like him or hate him but you have to give it too him being in this business for 20 years,if he was that bad as certain people try to make out Iam sure he would have been gone years ago.
    he a likeable rouge but he has had a reputaion for stealing wifes and girlfreinds,but I understand hes now settled down.
    as its been already said if you dont like the mag dont buy it,but I personally think most of the back stabbing comes from the good green eyes monster

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    I think Brian has a point most people when they take on a new job or job title will need to put together an action plan on how they will be working to improve what every they have been given the job in what there forward plans are etc etc etc and i know if i wanted a small bit of help in this i would but out a few surching questions to as many deerstalkers shooters as i possibly can.

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    As Alex (CSL) has already said, HOW can you ask someone to criticise a working colleague on an open forum .

    I am getting rather tired of people starting threads up again, that have been locked just to raise the same questions over and over again. Banning is always an option

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    Can we have a close season on Sporting Rifle for a few months? It has improved markedly since Selena became involved, and people are now starting to receive their promised crates of ale for writing "letter of the month", so let's give her a chance.
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    I don't read Sporting Rifle, have no opinon about its staff and have no feelings about it as a publication one way or another.

    I am, however, getting bored of seeing constant posts about it though. Surely if you dont like it, dont read it and move on.

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    I know im a newby and maybe my opinion doesnt have the clout some of the more experienced stalkers have, i enjoy reading the SP and look forward to its publication each month. If people dont like it dont buy/read it, if there is a flaw in an article have your say and see what comes back.......

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