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Thread: Optic Fire LED Lights

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    Optic Fire LED Lights

    Any experience with the OpticFire XC-38 & XC-50? Would like some views on how they rate especially using the red diode and how far they will reach on a clear night.

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    I have the 38, 50, and 67 lenses for the XC
    The red with a 67 lens is a good unit, and I've also got the IR pill for my NV kit.
    It says on their website how far they will illuminate with different lenses, but I've used at good distances.
    They are good units and you can interchange pills, lenses etc.

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    I also see there are 3 mode and single mode versions. Anyone with experience with the 3 mode as I think the use of low, medium and high output will be useful.

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    I have three optic fire torches. The 67xc and two 75xc.
    All of my visible ir pills are single mode, I can't see any reason to turn the brightness down. If the white spooks use a different colour but it is personal preference.
    My ir pills do have the three modes because the nv is so sensitive and the modes are easy to use and work well.
    Construction is good for the price, service is great, Batteries are great all in all I am really happy. I have the extension tubes for all the torches but hardly ever use them and the batteries last me all night.
    You can focus the beam from a far reaching square projection that looks like a light saber to a wide floodlight.

    I have had one charger fail which the chap has replaced for free. Sadly the new charger is rubbish but I haven't got around to contacting him and I know he will do what's needed to replace.

    The downsides- they are big units, they weight more than a higher price unit (to be expected) but mine take a beating and are still great.
    I think the illumination estimates on the website are a little optimistic. For me the 67 spots to 350 yards and the 75 450 yards both with white lights (shooting depends on you and your scope),

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    I bought the XC 67 this year and don't use it. It's too bulky. Too heavy and the spot isn't that good that I'm willing to haul the thing around.
    I've bought a high intensity IR torch that just has a 20mm lens and no focus and can spot/get foxes out to 200yds.

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