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Thread: 30-06 once fired Norma/Lapua brass

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    30-06 once fired Norma/Lapua brass

    Anyone, as title suggests. Please PM me if any available.


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    I have 75 x Weatherby headstamped (AFAIK these were made for Weatherby by Norma) .30-06 brass. These are in RCBS green "Long Length Rifle" boxes. The sort that hold fifty cartridges in each. These appear new, unloaded, and unfired. Look down into them and the brass is still brass coloured not "sooted" from powder being burned inside them when shot off.

    But as they came in from a friend now no longer in contact I will offer them at a reasonable price as once fired and the RCBS boxes included. Postage is 6.50 on top. DAB has them at 110.00 per 100 for new Norma. If I can find them they will be 60% of that so just over 65p per case x 78 = 51.00 plus the postage. If interested please let me know but I will have to hunt for them. So until found if other offers are better I'd advise accepting those.

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    Hi Enfieldspares.
    You have a PM.
    ''If you have to shoot...shoot...don't talk''

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    Still looking if anyone has any
    ''If you have to shoot...shoot...don't talk''

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    Have a box of once fired norma orynx .30-06 - will send pm

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    I've got 90 x mixed bag of Winchester and Federal Once Fired Brass if your interested?

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