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Thread: Updating web browsers

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    Updating web browsers

    Alright folks

    Just wondering if anyone knows owt about updating web browsers?
    My computer/internet been playing up quite a bit recently not that i really do much with it.
    About as slow as a week in jail the now.

    At moment i'm on an internet explorer but god knows how old it is, got windows vista on the computer so from wot i make out thats not really compatable with the couple i've looked at. (explorer 11 and chrome)

    Wots the best browser to run on vista that is easy worked by a numpty, not really into all this computer malarky


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    TBH - it may well be your machine over just the browser. If you're running Vista, you're probably on an older machine with a tired processor and not much RAM.

    It may well be worth biting the bullet and getting something a bit pokier. It won't help that Vista has been out of support for quite a while and so everything has just moved on.

    For only about 300 you can get a pretty good machine with a more uptodate OS (and browser).

    I know this isn't what you asked, but you are liable to hit the same issue no matter what the browser.

    should you want to try, look at Chrome or Mozilla Firefox - if they are compatible/ your machine meets their new min spec.
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