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Thread: what scope and how much

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    what scope and how much

    while talking to a very experienced stalker we got on to the subject of scopes to cut along talk short he said that a lot of Americans use Bushnell scopes on large calibre rifles and that they are reasonably priced does anyone have any experience using these scopes and how much where they

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    Yes, I have one on my .243
    It's a Bushnell Banner Dawn to Dusk. I think the mag is 3-12 x 50, and it's got an illuminated centre cross in the reticle.
    Cost about 140 (new).

    Had some teething problems when it all fogged up inside. However, it was sent back (under warranty) and opened, dried, re-purged and sealed and it's been good since.

    It's not what you'd call a "top end" scope, but it's good for that price and more than adequate for what I need. I would recommend Bushnell scopes to the occasional stalker who wants reasonable kit but can't justify splashing out.

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    A lot of American's might, but a lot more use Leupold scopes.
    My advice if you are on a budget, buy a second hand 6x42 Schmidt and Bender.



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    I have a bushnell 6500 in the adds virtually brand new if it helps

    as said a lot of Americans use Leupolds and remmy rifles as they are loyal to made in America

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    A lot of American's might, but a lot more use Leupold scopes.
    My advice if you are on a budget, buy a second hand 6x42 Schmidt and Bender.


    +1. Or Swaro.

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    I have a very old Bushnell scope , and It's crystal clear. I also have a more modern version, It's alright. But the older one Is definitely a better scope.

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    Nothing wrong with bushnell scopes, if it suits you and works for you go for it.

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    Bushnells and leupold are good tough scopes, and will be atop most American hunters rifles. I have used a 3-12x50 bushnell, and whilst it's no S&B, Swarovski etc it's good enough. But as said above if you are on a budget 300 gets a good 6x42 or 8x56 of German / Austrian make - a Bette option IMHO

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    You will pick up a good second hand 8x56 Schmidt bender for between 300 and 350 all day long and a 6x42 for between 250 and 280.

    I think there is a 6x42 Schmidt on the classifieds at the moment.

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    the post was to see if anyone had heard similar talk about Bushnell scopes I have a S&B and a Leupold so not looking for scope iwas just surprised at the price of Bushnell and also all of the ones for sale say air rifle but odd ads do say rim fire

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