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Thread: Tikka T3 Action Price

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    Tikka T3 Action Price

    My Tikka T3 243 varmint barrel is approaching the end of its life and it's off to the gun shop Saturday so they can put a scope down it to confirm what I already know. I did think of having it re barrelled but by the time I have it blued I may as well buy a new tikka. So what kind of price should I be looking for if I was to sell it, that's assuming someone wants to buy it for the action for example.
    Im hoping the gun shop will give me something for trade in when i replace it with another tikka.



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    If the barrel is shot out then is worth 250 ish at trade

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    I would prefer a re-barrelled (match grade barrel) Tikka to any new Tikka. Never had a blue printed action and got on fine so far with several re-barrelled Tikka's, Remmy's etc.
    I recently had/have two CTR rifles out of the box that shoot fantastic...but not quite as good a match barrelled T3 of the same cal.

    Have a word with Ronin, he could give you some good advise and options.

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