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Thread: Wanted SSG p1 Magazine

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    Wanted SSG p1 Magazine

    Anyone have one lurking , Magazine .243 for a SSG P1 .The crappy plastic rotary mag fell apart in my hand today , It really is a shitty piece of kit which is a shame because the rifle is a blinder. Have replacement on the way ,but understand the older models used a metal version which would be ideal . Anyone ....Cheers Brough..

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    Please let me know if you find a source of good older ones. I'm fed up replacing them for mine in 308win.

    I understand the theory - used and thrown away if dirty or seized but the markup for us civvies is a killer.

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    im not trying to hijack the tread but has anyone got a plastic or metal mag in 308 for sale? might consider a broken one if i cud utilize the parts from mine to build a good one again!
    cheers James

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    I dismantled and re-built one of mine - and rivetted on a steel lip which took considerable fine filing and work with finest wet&dry. It's not perfect but works OK.
    I find these mags can be tetchy about retaining full sized reloads as the reloads are a wee bit narrower than factory rounds.
    The trouble with the plastic is that it flexes as well.

    You'd think that Mannlicher would pull their socks up on this one, but in correspondence with them in the past they proved to be a bit 'stiff' and miffed that I dared to proffer a slight on their product.
    This was on two Luxus stocks which repeatedly warped well out of line. At least the Luxus mag was made out of steel.

    My mate on a nearby estate got a plastic, 5 X round mag on order. It took months and cost something of the order of 40.

    What a rip-off !

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    Sportsman Gun Centre always have them in stock. They work about 50 with postage.

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