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Thread: Gun Safe In Garage

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    Gun Safe In Garage

    is it OK or has anyone else put their gun safe in their garage attached to an interior wall?



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    Yes no problem with north Yorkshire police.

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    The same for me - N Yorks Police happy so long as it is securely fitted to wall

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    i used to with merseyside, only request was that it was alarmed.

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    I considered it for mine, but decided that the night/day/seasonal temperature differences could induce condensation and then rust on older shotguns. My FEO also said that garage doors would require additional locks.

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    I would ask your local Firearms officer, it'll vary from area to area

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    I am looking at moving from North Yorks to South Yorks. I looked at the temp issue etc and have a big enough cabinet to put a 12 inch tube heater inside without touching the guns to keep the temp stable.


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    I just emailed South Yorkshire, so hopefully they will clear it up.


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    If you do try and source some electrical warning signs. So that it can be explained away to casual visitors as a step-down 240 DC to 110 AC transformer station or two phase to three phase in an old asbestos insulator fitting. Any old nonsense really but the same principal of "hiding in plain sight".
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    Separate garages tend to be frowned upon I think. Attached ones perhaps not so much. Frankly, if it's an option, I'd try and have it in the house. If space is tight, be creative with it's position (as the actress said to the bishop)!

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