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Thread: I'm faced with an optics dilema - What should I spend my money on

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    I'm faced with an optics dilema - What should I spend my money on


    I'm faced with a bit of a Dilema!

    I'd love to buy a new Swarovski Z6I in a 2.5 - 15 x 56 BT with a 4AI reticule but it comes in around 1955.

    Question is do I spend the money and put it on the .270 which I hope to use for some Boar shortly (illuminated reticule will help) and always use for Reds etc??

    I'd appreciate some views on this scope?


    Do I spend the money on some Leica Geovid 8 X 42 HD $1472 roughly and a gen 1 night vision monocule which will fit on the back of my Leupold 4.5 - 14 x 50?

    The money works out roughly the same and I'm sure I will get more use out of the geovids then on the scope on the .270 but I cant make up my mind which combo would be best all round.

    Any thoughts and where's the cheapes place for optics at the moment any pointers would be appreciated.



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    I wouldn't presume to tell you how to spend your money , but regarding prices McCeod's web site is usually worth a look (


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    Get a Zeiss 6-24x56 FL with mil dot reticule.
    Bought one from Potters a week or 2 back for 1950.

    Very impressed with it.

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    Schmidt and Bender PM2 range, I have 3-12x50 and 5-25x56, for cash, you should be able to get the 5-25x56, I got it for a good bit less than the 2200 mark that they go for.

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    Geovids are very good.
    I have just picked up a couple of pairs of almost unused Hertel & Reuss (8x30 and 8x40) on the bay site and they are brilliant optics. They are the old style binos without any rubber armour and so are very light around the neck on a high seat after a few hours sitting.
    I had picked up an unused Hertel 6x42 scope and was so impressed by the optics I searched them out I think their products (closed in 1995) are a little known optical sleeper.

    I think the LP function is overrated and have never needed (in almost 5 years) to use the one fitted to my Zeiss 3-12x56.
    Swaro/Kahles Zeiss or Schmidt & Bender will always satisfy.
    Nikko Nikon and other Japanese/Chinese or even Leupold will be replaced later by the above, it always happens.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I've decided!!!! I've managed to find a Swarovski Z6i 2.5 - 15 x 56 BT L for 1695..

    Having searched around the best price I could find was at scope will be with me on Wednesday.. Cant wait to try it out on the range this weekend.



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    Well done Swarovski are great use an 8x56 IR myself
    also just bought a pair of 8.5x42 EL HD bins from Rick at Gunrunner fantastic kit

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