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Thread: mod 5/8-24 thread

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    mod 5/8-24 thread

    looking to see if any one has a moderator for sale that will suit a 6.5 caliber. the thread is 5/8-24 to suit a ruger precision. or a reasonably priced stripable moderator that i can get the required thread adapter for.


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    Have a look at the DPT mod. That's what I went with for the Ruger. I use them on all the rifles. Just mix and match h the baffles for different calibers and the threaded end for different threads

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    You can get ASE Utra Borelok mods that will fit over a flash hider or brake.
    we used them on .300blk AR for testing dragon brakes

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    I had a wildcat preditor 1/2 unf my gunsmith retreaded it for 15 to fit my ruger

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    How about a wildcat Evo you can just change the bridge on them , that's what I went with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by in2stella View Post
    How about a wildcat Evo you can just change the bridge on them , that's what I went with.

    Ditto for me.

    Use the same mod on two .30 calibre rifles with different threads. Takes but a minute to switch them over.

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    Orion, I've been trying to find out how this works in relation to your FAC. Do you have to have two slots? If so is it the bridge that's the FAC component, or if you buy it all in bits isn't it a moderator until you screw it all together? I did mail Wildcat but never had a reply. I have an Evo in .30 14x1 and it's a nice thing but want to fit it to a 1/2" so all I need is a bridge at 60. Bit do I need a variation to my ticket?

    It's a good way to go if you have several rifles with different threads. You may need additional plastic rear bushings too though in some cases. 12 each.

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    Only a moderator when complete so a bridge is just a piece of metal until part of the moderator

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