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Thread: Our Armed Forces

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    Our Armed Forces

    Well hear we go again!! Al Blackman has to wait another week for a decision and despite Mother Theresa's pledge two more lads are being done for murder.
    Northern Ireland a known terrorist runs from police and is shot, how is this murder?
    It makes me sick to see the likes of McGuiness and Adams as leading politicians and other murderers of men women and children still walking about free.
    When are we going to get it right,we send lads to do a job and then castigate them for doing it, whilst not giving a flying F about doing the same to the opposition.
    A rant I know, but hell it just aint fair.
    Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the Queen.

    Keep the Faith.

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    Don't get me started . . .
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    i want these to be brought to justice,


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    If you pilot a drone and blow up a terrorist in his bed unarmed and asleep what dos that come under then. I would say a job well done, but what do I know.
    Now to me a terrorist is a terrorist IMHO

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    Shooting an unarmed man in the street is murder and that should be the same if you are in a police, soilders or clowns uniform.

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    He might be unarmed when on the ground but I doubt he was on his own at the time and where were they when he was down - taken to their heels and taken anything incriminating with them no doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roncon1 View Post
    Shooting an unarmed man in the street is murder and that should be the same if you are in a police, soilders or clowns uniform.
    If only it was that simple... Mark Duggan wasn't armed when he was killed and the High Court states he wasn't 'murdered'. Cpls Howes and Woods were certainly unarmed when they were murdered, the identities of the people involved are known, yet there is no effort to prosecute. The list of dodgy prosecuting decisions is endless. Try not to confuse your quaint notions of 'justice' with blatant political expediency.

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    Actually he was unarmed and shot on the doorstep of a house with children in the street... having lived through the troubles in the north my notions of justice are far from quaint and I have see some horrendous things on both sides however I have failed to see any police officers or armed forces convicted of crimes even when it was admitted that crimes existed.
    So my point is not one of guilty or not guilty my point was a uniform does not make a crime less a crime. If they did nothing wrong then surely they will be exonerated in court.

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    We have also seen hundreds of terrorists being given immunity for murder of civilians inter alia.
    A uniform does or should mitigate very heavily. These young men are put in situations by their employers (i.e. us) where they are intended to deal with hazards up to and including killing people not wearing uniforms. Killings can very easily be both unlawful and not a crime anyone deserves convicting for.
    The bare fact is that there is no way these people would ever have been in a position to carry out these actions if they hadn't been put there, equipped with guns and live ammunition by the state.
    There is no way in hell Blackman or others could possibly have done what they did if they hadn't been orchestrated by the police/army - whose orders they have no option to decline.
    People out of uniform -especially soldiers - are in a totally different situation committing murder. They are not compelled to be in those situations, not armed by the state for the purpose of killing the enemy.
    Terrorists have already consciously opted out of the law. No reason why they should be protected by a jurisdiction they don't recognise. To them, they are combatants operating behind enemy lines.

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    Again you are using there uniform as justification for there actions and that is the attitude that creates the opinion that it doesn't matter.
    i agreed that it is different than a civilian going out getting a gun and shooting somebody but as the saying goes with great power comes great responsibility, these shoulders were not or had not been underwire or attack at the time therefore I would assume we're under no immediate threat and they had Time to decide what the consequences of their actions would be.

    once again I am not putting these men on trail the British judicial system are doing that but what I am saying is a uniform is not a justification for murder , neither is the fact the victim is a bad man. IF these men acted outside the law which still applies to soilders they should face the same sentences and fate as any convicted murderer.

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