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Thread: REVISED AD - Sako 75 Hunter in 270...

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    REVISED AD - Sako 75 Hunter in 270...

    As above, this is a revised ad for my Sako 75 Hunter in 270...

    The rifle has a blued barrel and action in a nicely figured wood stock. The barrel doesn't have open sights, so threading for a moderator wouldn't be a problem. The bolt is fitted with Sako's “Key Concept” bolt lock, the value of which you probably have your own opinion on! However, if you do want to use it, both keys are with the rifle, as is the original Owners Handbook. The rifle comes with 1 inch Sako Optilocks.

    The rifle will shoot Federal Classic 130gr into under an inch, and while this is plenty good enough for stalking, accuracy would probably improve with hand-loading.

    The rifle has only fired about 150 rounds in total

    I'm asking £750 for the rifle and Optilocks, which is good price for a Sako in virtually as new condition. If someone wants a complete package, ready to go, it's £1000 for the rifle, mounts and scope.

    Note: the bipod is not included in the sale.

    Please pm me with any questions.
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    Surprised that this hasn't been snapped up yet - if it wasn't for an iminent house move coupled with more than the usual sh*te at work I'd happily take this of your hands.

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    Lovely gun, if it was a .308 I would have snapped your hand off.

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    Over 250 views for this ad, and still not sold

    I've revised the ad - see above - to say that the scope could be made available if someone wants a complete package.


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    andrew ,

    i am gob smacked you have not shifted your 270 yet ! like i said if it was a lefty i would have snapped it up ages ago , im sure someone will have it !

    bloody daft not too at that price !!!!

    cheers lee

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
    Sponsored proudly by Pfanner, Blaser, Clark Forest.

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    Thanks for that - I agree, over 400 views and it's still unsold!

    Reading the threads on this Site, Sako is a well respected make, 270 has a good following as an effective calibre and S&B optics are right up there with Swarowski and Zeiss. Given the whole setup really is as new, I think the price I am asking is something of a bargain.


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    Outstanding price.

    Almost tempting to sell my tika T3 Hunter to buy this to create cash. I would hope to clear £1500 for my rifle so your price is fantastic! Wooden stocks are the way ahead, adding a touch of class!

    What is the sight? S&B optics seems to do the business for British snipers at over 1500m in afghanistan so I'm sure would manage a deer at 150m!!!

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    I thought so!

    The scope is a Schmidt & Bender German Klassik, 6x42, with a No 4 reticule (three posts, fine cross hairs). Price from Sportsman new at the moment is £579.99. Nothing too fancy, just a well made, solid scope with superb optics. As you say, many forces round the world choose S&B.

    If you're serious, let me know. I've been completely underwhelmed by the interest shown so far (530+ views and no sale!) and was thinking of keeping it.

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