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Thread: Kite scopes

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    Kite scopes

    Browning have teamed up with kite scopes ,has anyone seen or heard of these scopes I can't find any reviews or price list

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    Seem to have binos for sale in the UK, including nv binos. Their website doesn't have many scopes on it, and can't find anyone here selling them (yet). Maybe they've launched in the U.S. under the Browning banner to test the market.

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    Top end bins - you would hope scopes would be decent

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    It's a Belgian company. The design and ideas are Belgian , but they are made in Japan ( I think) . The RD unit works in Belgium. The owner and founder is a very nice and knowledgeable man. He has an optics shop in Brugge . He is doing repairs on top class optics out of warranty. ( Zeiss, Swaro, Leica) His basic products where bino's but now also makes scopes.

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