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Thread: Christmas Reading List - What you reading?

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    Christmas Reading List - What you reading?

    Given the downtime, I purchased a few books,

    1) Bell of Africa by WD Bell - First 50 pages are pretty good. I have done some crazy stuff in my life, but dont know if I would have the B to go into North East Uganda back in the day. There are a few left at coch-y-bonddu for 25 on amazon.

    2) Deer Stalker's Bedside Book by Charle Smith Jones - Looks like fun.

    3) Staking Muntjac by Graham Downing. I still can't figure these animals out.

    4) For the non-stalking sailor, the autobiography of Paul Elvstrom.

    What you guys reading or purchasing as gifts?


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    Reading 'Maidens Trip' by Emma Smith at the moment.
    Next will be a "A Monster Calls' by Patric Ness
    Not sure after that, but may re-read
    'The Earths Children' series by Jean M Auel
    I have well over a 1000 books for the Kindle so plenty to choose from.


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    Quietly about to start reading my collection of Corbett's books for the umpteenth time. Every time, I find his descriptions of India and it's scenery absolutely fascinating.
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    Christmas Reading List - What you reading?

    Probably reread yet again my Ian rankin detective rebus novels

    Or the Belgariad series by David eddings
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    The Lord of the Rings trilogy - again, for the 40th time, White Fang, Kipling and a mix of Stephen King and Iain M Banks culture series novels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The fourth Horseman View Post
    Quietly about to start reading my collection of Corbett's books for the umpteenth time. Every time, I find his descriptions of India and it's scenery absolutely fascinating.
    Quite agree, he was a very brave but overtly modest man who really painted a fantastic picture of his environment in Northern India. I can also recommend "Hunter" by J.A. Hunter and "Hunter Climb High" by Keith Sverinson for those interested in Africa and New Zealand (and US and India) respectively.

    If my letter got to Santa I should be reading "Death in the Long Grass" by Boxing Day.

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    A good Christmas book is always the thing for this time of year. I like The Art Of Kissing by Miss L. Toe and Sledging for beginners by I. C. Bottom.

    But seriously, I do like a good thriller, of which there is too many to mention. Memoirs too loom large in my reading matter. The last one I read being called Co. Aytch by Sam R. Watkins, the memoirs of a Confederate soldier in the Civil War (mentioned elsewhere on here). Bit of a take on things from a different angle during a time when firearms had become the norm but things were still done differently with pitched battles, unlike today. The descriptions of injuries and the living conditions of the soldiers is described in detail, the ragged clothes, lack of food and the struggles at times to provide some and the sometimes horrendous health care of the wounded.

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    Last night I ordered "Highland Deer Stalker" by Colin Gibson. I'm looking forward to it.
    I'll also get order "A Sand County Almanac" by Aldo Leopold for the kindle just after Christmas (using up some tokens which I fully expect to receive on the day itself). I don't know much about the book but it has been recommended.

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    A reloading manual if her indoors wins at bingo!

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    I generally have two or three books on the go at any one time.

    At the moment I'm working my way through "SAS: Rogue Heroes - The Authorised Wartime History" by Ben Macintyre and "The Old Country" by Jack Hargreaves. Quite different, but both really interesting reads. Next on the menu is "The Ethical Carnivore: My Year of Killing to Eat" by Louise Gray - I read an excerpt in The Daily Telegraph so bought the book to see if the rest is as interesting.

    I'm also just waiting for my Christmas pressie to turn up - "The Comprehensive Guide to Tracking Skills: How to Track Animals and Humans by Using All the Senses and Logical Reasoning", by Cleve Cheney. Despite it's somewhat intimidating title, it's meant to be one of the best guides on reading animal sign, written by a very experienced African naturalist and hunter. I'm hoping it will give me some useful insights for when I'm out with the camera.....after animals, of course
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