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Thread: zeiss jena ddr 6x42/s

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    zeiss jena ddr 6x42/s

    hi my name is panagiotis. i'm from greece. i 've a scope zeiss jena ddr 6x42/s T. i don't know how to config left right. does somebody knows??

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    Is it the kind which has only elevation adjustment in the scope itself? If so, you need mounts with left/right adjusment.

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    This sounds familiar. I don’t have Zeiss, but each of the windage & elevation dials on my S & B are labelled 'SchuBkorrektur' which you can guess is “SHOT CORRECTION” (POI) plus ‘Nach’ which is “TO”.

    You turn the dials in the direction of the arrows to move the POI in that direction, which I think is the universal practice.

    (Windage or lateral adjustment)

    ‘L’ or 'Links' is to move the POI LEFT.
    ‘R’ or 'Rechts' is to move the POI RIGHT.

    (Elevation or vertical adjustment)

    ‘H’ or 'Hoch, Hoher’ is to move the POI UP.
    ‘T’ or 'Tief' is to move the POI DOWN.

    I hesitate to confuse this further, but when considering the dial movement as either clockwise or anti-clockwise all the German ‘scopes I’ve played with work the opposite way round from American, so that a clockwise adjustment of the (H) arrow raises the POI rather than lowers it.

    To adapt mine for access to both dials I mount my scopes rotated 90 degrees within the rings so that the elevation turret becomes the windage turret, and the windage becomes the elevation. That does make life interesting. It works well with the Z-duplex types, but looks weird with the 3-bar reticle on the S&B.
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    Dalua is correct. Elevation (and focus) on the 'scope. Windage on the mounts.

    The dedicated BRNO made mounts are sized to fit the ZKK 600, 601 or 602. So if you have a .270 WCF calibre ZKK 600 and your 'scope has come from a ZKK 601 in .223 or .308 its mounts won't fit. But you can even so remove the 'scope and fit them to ZKK 600 mounts and it will fit.

    The 'scope is the same. It is the mount that is of different size. Windage is adjusted by the two screws on each side of those bases. Unlock all four screws. Use the front two of them on either side to move the 'scope to point of impact then lock all four of them up.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	77342Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	77343thanks everybody!! these all it has.

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    Ok. Unless you use Redfield type (Leupold and others makes a copy) "Turn In" mounts you have no windage adjustment ability. It SHOULD have this base:

    Attachment 77361

    You can see the four screws (two on each side) that adjust the windage. The rifle size it is designed for is marked as seen...this is for a ZKK-601,

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