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Thread: Winchester SX3 Flanigan Performance 12G PSG Section 1 Shotgun

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    Winchester SX3 Flanigan Performance 12G PSG Section 1 Shotgun

    For sale is my Winchester SX3 Flanigan 12G Section 1 PSG Shotgun 2 ¾” & 3” Chamber Invector Plus (now known as “SX3 Performance”) – the reason for sale is I just don’t have the time to shoot PSG in this country now I’ve discovered FTR.
    The gun is two years old and has fired 250 shells which I shot whilst testing shell size, charge, pellet size and distance testing to gain dispersion data (all data available to buyer). The bore is mint (as expected with this count), some light scratches to anodising at the rear of load port, base of hand grip is painted red (to aid identification when racked during comps)

    The gun has been fitted with the following:
    Nordic +8 Tube
    Nordic Low Drag Silicone Spring
    Nordic Low Inertia Follower
    Nordic Bi-Barrel/ Tube Clamp
    Nordic Extended Cocking Handle
    Nordic Extended Bolt Release
    X1 “quick load”
    All original parts removed are included in the sale – nothing has been done that cannot return the gun to standard SX3 Flanigan spec.

    All standard Flanigan Kit:
    Carry Case
    5 Chokes (M, IM, CYL, IC & F) Bagged – standard Winchester Choke Key (plastic) and an all steel Browning Choke Key
    Assorted Foresight Optics
    2 Gas Regulators (1 1/8 oz and less & 1 1/8 oz plus)
    Trigger Lock and Keys
    Choke Tubes
    Tube Anodised End Cap

    Included in the sale:
    1250 Shells (mainly Fiocchi) and 50 Geco Coated Slugs (FAC Certificate must show permission for these)
    Chameleon “Load Two” Belt (x28 shells) & a spare clip (with bolts) if you want to fit it giving you x30
    Full Bagged Cleaning/ Maintenance Kit including carbon removers, lubricants, bore snake, tools etc…
    CED7000 Timer – with UK power supply complete with Protective Cover, Protective Case, Wrist Mount (x2), Lanyard, instructions and Carry Case
    Knee Pads, Shooting Glasses with many assorted Lenses to suit your needs/ conditions

    Asking £1500 – please no offers, swaps, px’s and nothing will be sold separately.
    The gun and kit is advertised elsewhere.
    Thanks for looking.

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    IMG_3110.JPG   IMG_3114.JPG   IMG_3126.JPG   IMG_3128.JPG   IMG_3134.JPG  

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    if you are willing to split I would like the chameleon belt.
    and if fibre wads I may be interested in some of the shells.
    le me know, pm best..

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    HI Melton,

    The shells are all fibre wads (from memory).

    The buyer of the gun has preference of all ancillaries and shells - if he/ she doesn't want something I will re advertise - till then it'll stay as a package.

    You will be the first to be notified if the items are split - best I can do bud.


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    Additional equipment included in sale

    Sorting through my stuff I found these that I will include in the sale:

    The Hardox Plate is 150mm square and 10mm thick - shooting #5 32gr at 5m won't bend these! There are x10 of these included in the sale.
    Laser Bore Sighter - used when trying different Fore Sights etc...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20170115_114009.jpg   20170115_113951.jpg  

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    If only I had the money I would be all over this. Good luck with your sale though.

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    Cheers bud - tbh I thought it would have sold at this price by now!

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    if you want to get rid of the nordic tube id have that

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