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Thread: another yukon photon list of questions

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    another yukon photon list of questions

    just about to buy a photon 6.5x50 for my foxing rifle (.222) some people seem to struggle to zero, should I go with adjustable mounts, also what do you find to be the best ir illuminator to go with it ?
    thanks in advance- tom

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    Hi tom i would go for a good t67 illuminator to give you as much light as possible i did struggle to zero mine and i sold it in the end and made my own to go straight on my scope so i do not have to rezero and i can still use my scope during the day

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    The Photon is a budget piece of kit and from reading about, as well as with personal experience, they're inconsistent from the factory. However, they can be adjusted by loosening the four Torx T10 bolts behind the front bit and physically moving the front. Needs careful clamping of a boresighted rifle. I've just ordered some Eneloop batteries for mine as it's gone flat.

    The built in illuminator is adequate for .22LR ranges, I find. In moonlight I don't need any external lighting. For longer ranges an LED IR torch will do but you might need an adjustable mount
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    I've got a pair of ATP66 mounts on mine
    And a night master 800IR to give the extra light.

    Positive ID maximum of 150 yards

    Lots of other recent threads on here about NV in particular Photons.

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    have a look on the nightvision store,i would go for one of clives b-20 IR torches,also if your a member of the NV forum hes doing a deal on photons with the doubler fitted,definitely worth a look

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    A Small shim on the rear scope mount will aid the zeroing. They tend to run out of elevation.

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    Fitted a doubler (older 2.5x) from an NVRS to mine, good magnification but narrow FOV, for illumination I made a sunnranger from a T20 torch and a yukon 4x lens

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    i used a tr38 for rimmie distances and thought the image was very good and fine to 150yards ,also had a tr67 on it and this would be perfect for c/f ranges ( I also extremed the lenses) sold it in the end though as I was for ever trying to get it zeroed, adj mounts helped but in the end I just lost too much faith in it keeping its zero ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by B&W FOX View Post
    I've got a pair of ATP66 mounts on mine
    I had to get some adjustable mounts after fitting a doubler. I bought the above but decided to use the one-piece adjustable mounts to avoid possible distortion of the tube, the windage was that far out. All this before people started telling how to do it by loosening the clamps.
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    Mine sits in Leupold QRW mounts on a 20moa picatinny rail on a .243 and even swapping it on a regular basis with my day scope it doesn't lose zero. I've fount the T67 is fine for 100m and over but under this its a bit too bright and I do get some white out from eye shine.

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