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    Out with the Teckels today to account for a problem fox (killing game birds) when disaster struck after shooting the bolting fox I passed the Teckel bitch to a young lad with me who shouts shes gone limp I was making good the earth at the time ( she had passed out and stopped breathing) so I gave her cpr she eventually came round ( thank god ! ) it turns out the lad had been holding her by the collar and she chocked herself out so lesson learned there always keep an eye on your dogs
    regards Kai

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    Sorry to say it but was the bloke F'in deaf.
    If he wasn't, then he would have been after I'd stopped shouting at the pillock.
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    Sounds like the lad is a bit stupid to be honest

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    The lad is only young and standing behind the guns with us and was watching me make good ,plus the hounds were making a racket and yes I did go mental on him I can't print the words that were said regards Kai

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    Thank God. Hope it was nothing permanent.
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    Yet another reason why I have never, nor never will, use a collar on my dog. I am a confirmed believer in a strong harness.

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    The Teckel had a locator collar on mate not an ordinary one she works below ground ( in which a harness would be useless and dangerous) , yes she's fine thanks for asking regards Kai

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