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Thread: GOOGLE is your friend!

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    GOOGLE is your friend!

    Just saved myself from a rubber room,, ruddy bin bags!, I could never get the damn things open after tearing them off, nearly lost it this morning trying to clear a backlog of rubbish, never thought of the simple fix, wet your finger & thumb & snap them together on the bag, presto every time.
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    FB270, you mean to tell us all that YOU...... did'nt know that trick!!, but changing the topic have a very merry Christmas to you and yours


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    I must try the finger snapping trick.

    I had discovered that dry fingers were too slippy from my years of rolling my own cigarettes. I carried the technique of huffing on them to grip the papers, over to trying to open the dog poo bags.

    We had some blue Waitrose microwaveable bags a couple of weeks ago which defied all attempts to open them, went in the bin eventually.

    If only I could fight my way into a brown paper bag!


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