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Thread: shotgun renewal

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    shotgun renewal

    Hi all,

    Time to renew my SGC, just a couple of question common sense I reckon but just left wondering?

    1/ in regard to the medical and doctors enquiry, and as to the police now contacting your GP? surely they would have done this in the 1st place when 1'st applying for a license? as part of there back ground checks?

    2/ the new referee form? before it was a person (of good standing) who would vouch for your good character and all other inquiries was between the police and the referee.
    Now the new for ask for you the applicant to ask the referee, personal and somewhat invasive questions about themselves,that they might not be comfortable disclosing to you the applicant? what do you put on the form in the relevant questions if they do not disclose to you the applicant, for example there DOB or place of birth, or a director at work who do'snt want to disclose his home or personal contact details to you the applicant?

    Thanks for taking time to browse

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    1. Every 5 years they want to check you haven't gone barmy. That's the reasoning behind it anyway.

    2. They want the referees details so that they can check that the referee is a person of good standing, that is so they can check if he has a record and so on. Not really much point in having a referee if that referee wants to keep most of his identity a secret. If that's the case with you, I'd look elsewhere for a referee.

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