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Thread: .222 neck sizing die

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    .222 neck sizing die

    I'm after a .222 neck sizing die. Lee collet die would be fine.
    Dont need seating die,so don't want to buy a set,if I can help it.

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    I have a Lee CND for everything I shoot including .222, as this is the best die LEE produces IMO.

    As the .222 is (or was) a common calibre this is sold as a separate item. Lee still produce it as a traded item. I was going to point you to Kranks, but it seems that they’ve reduced dies for the .222 like a number of outlets. Ammunition is heading that way too. Kranks have also increased their prices by 10% or so to compensate for the rising dollar following Brexit.

    Best of luck in finding one a decent new or used one as the CND is ideal for the .222.
    Ammo collector & cartridge geek Ö. if I donít have it you donít shoot it.

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    Thanks Sinistral,I'd checked a few places and they only seemed to sell sets,now I know they can be bought separately,I'll ring around.

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