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Thread: help please 6.5x55

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    Unhappy help please 6.5x55

    I own a Swedish mauser 6.5x55 military m96 issue rifle.

    As I get older shooting over a open sight is becoming more difficult I want to fit a scope mount on my rifle but I don't want to drill into the gun. so I tried a gunsmith less mount brought from Canada but the bolt would not open without hitting the scope.
    my question is would a M38 bolt ( bent elbow) fit onto a m96 rifle. and if so where could I get one ,I tried the USA but they can no longer sell overseas any help or advise out there??

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    Hi Tony. if its like the Mauser action then yes you can. i had a straight bolt Mauser 7.92mm. And changed the bolt handle to a bent K98 with no prob apart from a wee bit of wood feting. Try the deact sellers as they have some odd ball parts lying around.
    good luck Tommy

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