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Thread: Current exchange rate

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    Current exchange rate

    This sub forum seems very quiet at present. Are people put off by the weak pound and poor exchange rates at present?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75 View Post
    This sub forum seems very quiet at present. Are people put off by the weak pound and poor exchange rates at present?
    It didn't stop me from going to Montana in October, well it might have if i hadn't already paid for the hunting tag back in March!

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    Even with the poor exchange rate rifles still seem cheaper in France

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    dont care about exchange rates if that's were I want to go and that's the cost so be it. Saving for Namibia 2018 at the moment.

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    Agreed ,America February ,Namibia March... roll on 17

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    Can't change the currency exchange it'll cost what it does
    however looking forward to my trip in may
    Any tips on how much and which currency is best to take

    All the best

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    It's good to see people are still going. I wondered if they'd been a decline because this sub forum seems very quiet.

    Even the big game hunting opportunities sub forum seems to be quieter than in times gone by!

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    Hi old Farrier, not sure where you are going if you are going to Namibia (great choice)you can only get Namibian dollars at the airport when there,(unless anyone got some left over on SD they will sell you ) 1 Namibian dollar = to 58p approx. .... although in my experience for tips they will accept US dollars , I take both, and a few mora cheap knives to give to trackers skinners as well .they also do not mind S.A.Rand

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    Hi many thanks for the reply I shall make sure that I pack a few extra knives

    All the best

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    Best place to change money I have found is Travelex, but buying online and reserving it.

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