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Thread: Tikka 590 stock

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    Tikka 590 stock

    Anyone know where I can source a synthetic stock for my Tikka 590 .308 in Left Hand please?


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    A bit of a dilema not only an older action but also left handed.

    No problem getting a dream synthetik stock, raw non inletted but it must be fitted. That's where the problem starts, as most gunsmiths are not interested in milling out a stock anymore. We have a gunsmith in Ireland who does that kind of work every now and then, but I've asked around on the forums for the UK and no one seems to know of anyone. Maybe again if the recession hit's that area.


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    I'm pretty sure that Norman Clarke have the inletting template and that they do offer the service for wood stocks, but not sure about synthetics.


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    google Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks mate I am sure Danny will be able to help you out
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    E-mails sent to Staffs synthetic and Norman Clark. Thanks guys,I'll let you know how I get on.


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