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Thread: Average deer head price

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    Average deer head price

    I know it's like asking how long is a piece of string, but how much is the average head mounting cost?

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    There's a variety of quality of work carried out. With taxidermy I'd say cheap is crap and expensive is good normally.

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    Cheers thought that might be the case

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    Price will depend on the size of the deer head being mounted, so therefore a red deer head is around four-five times the price of a Roe Deer Head. Most Important thing is to see pictures of finished work or go and visit the taxidermy workshops to check out the standard or work. DONT just go on price, as that is NO indicator of the standard of the finished work. Cut corners will lead to a second class mount, which you will always be dis-satisfied with.

    Taxidermy is a form of Art.Lots of people call themselves Artists, but relatively few are true masters of their Art.

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    I had my first big red done mate and it cost me 500 if that helps Its was a very good job

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    Just been quoted 500 for my 8 point Sika stag. Need to get it dropped off so I can free up some space in the freezer

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    Not sure but I can tell you how much it is to install a log burner...

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