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Thread: Wanted - Remington Fireball Brass & 25grn Berger Varmint Match bullets

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    Wanted - Remington Fireball Brass & 25grn Berger Varmint Match bullets

    Looking ideally for any new .17 Fireball Brass (preferably Remington) in the rather unlikely event anyone has got any knocking about unwanted... If not second choice would be .221 Fireball brass, as I can always neck this down.

    Also if anyone has any .17 25grn Berger Match bullets surplus to requirements please let me know - thanks!
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    Still looking, someone must have some tucked away somewhere!

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    Have a look on Spud's website last time I looked he had brass!

    Cheers Matt

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    i have bress here ready to go inthe 221 flavour
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    hi dodder if you send us a small jiffy bag with a stamped address on I will give you 50 berger 25 gr match pm me for my address cheers dave.

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    I have got approx., 100no once fired .17 fireball brass if you are interested, PM me if you are interested

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    Thanks chaps, PM's sent. Spud I did call and speak with you a few weeks ago about fireball brass and may yet come back to you so thanks to you too.

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    Huge thanks to Dave Thorniley for sending me a bag of .17 Berger Match bullets - top bloke! I would still like to acquire a few more so if anyone has any or knows of any available please let me know. Still looking for .17FB brass too!

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    Think I may have some in stores, I'll have a look later, Steve.
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