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Thread: Squirrel Control

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    Squirrel Control


    I'm hoping to find a company or individual that would be able to undertake squirrel control throughout 450 acres of mixed woodland. Up until last year this was done by the old game keeper but due to retirement we need to change things for 2017.

    Ideally the control would be via trapping during March/April. Access to a quad etc can be provided. Budget available for the candidate/company.

    Please email jamesb.moreton "@" (remove the " ") for more information.

    Best Regards
    On behalf of the Tortworth Estate.

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    If you were closer I would be on it in a shot, much of my spring time is spent running a squirrel trapline. Good luck filling this important role.

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    Hi this would be ideal for me , email sent.

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    I undersatand AH has been in contact, I would love to help out I did vast ammount of squirrel control in Shropshire and have my own custom set of lofting/drey poking poles. I have son and friend who can assist, have all wepons from air rifles upwards. I think you should have my number from the time we met up at the Masons.



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