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    Lightbulb Lowseat bargain

    hi if anyone is after a lowseat look at ASKARI HUNTING they are spot on come with
    its own ratchet strap and removable padded seat weighs about 1kg and fits in a small
    bag or roe sack it costs 11.99p I've just bought 3 after mates saw and wanted one
    cheers Ken

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    The other bargain that they do is trophy shields and clamps. About ten times cheaper than Bushwear ! They are solid hardwood and look really good. They've got some on offer at the mo for 7.99 for 5.

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    yep thats the one

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    Just don't expect to get a refund from them in anything like the normal timeframes you would hope for, I returned a pair of boots to them and despite the item being collected using their own couriers (Hermes) it took (allegedly) 1 full month for my item to be returned to them and a further couple of days to process..... I was starting to think I'd have to approach my credit card company over getting the money back. Slick they ain't.
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    i will second what deerstalker.308 is saying i bought a pair of wellies from this lot and they turnt up with a hole in the bottom and it took literally weeks to get anything sorted, yes they do sell some good cheap kit but i found them very difficult to deal with and wont be using them again

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