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Thread: Best time of year for deer

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    Best time of year for deer

    What would people say would be the best time of year to go deer stalking I went a few weeks ago and didn't see anything and am thinking of booking another stalk for march

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwhitt94 View Post
    What would people say would be the best time of year to go deer stalking I went a few weeks ago and didn't see anything and am thinking of booking another stalk for march
    A few more details would help in terms of offering advice - such as species, geographic area, etc.
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    Well thats quite an open question really. The answer to that would really depend on your location, time of year and your species and sex your after. Then theres the weather, food, size of estate/farm and habitiat and various other factors. I'm very lucky where I am in that there is always a deer species in season and If I were to go out everyday I'd see deer 9/10 times. Personally I love a summer morning after harvest.

    If your booking paid stalks ask how often the guide is seeing deer and what his ratio of outing to client shooting a deer is(or being put in a shootable position for a deer) before booking, along with ALL fees. Whilst know one can ever guarantee a successful stalk resulting in a client shooting a deer, a client doesn't want to pay for a walk in the woods. A good guide will make you aware of that.

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    As said too little information to give an informative answer, but the more you get out the more you see and the more you see the more you can shoot 👍🏻

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    Give TDM on here a shout. He's got deer in Hants, Dorset and Devon and get get you on to 5 of the species without travelling too far.
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    Sorry it's a bit vague guys I'm new to stalking but this is in the new forest area and I would really love to get a nice roe buck they are my favourite species

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    Well you've got quite a wait until they're back in season I'm afraid. Most people say they tend to go a bit quiet and secretive after the rut. I've found April/May to be best for roe bucks myself.

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    For roe bucks April or May then then then vegetation gets to thick then end of July and august for the rut are the two best times

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    Cheers guys

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    Thats the game of stalking. I can go out several times and not get anything but then other times I can get a few in one day. I prefer to go for a few days to improve my chances especially if Im driving a few hundred miles.

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