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Thread: Daily Telegraph Motoring Section - Deer RTA's

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    Daily Telegraph Motoring Section - Deer RTA's

    Good piece in the Daily Telegraph Motoring section this morning about deer RTA's in the UK.

    "At least 20 drivers each year are killed as the rising deer population leads to a record number of collisions" is the tagline on the front, accompanying a photo of a fallow buck.

    Interviews with Peter Watson of the DI and Jochen Langbein, as well as Stephen Glaister of the RAC Foundation.

    Estimates of 74,000 deer collisions per year, rising by 6% per annum, resulting in 11,000 private vehicles with significant damage costing 14 million in insurance.

    Oh yes, and the Highways Agencyis cutting its funding of the DI from 30.000 to 10,000 per year.

    There are then seven "do's and don'ts with deer":
    • Observe deer warning signs and reduce speed
    • Use peripheral vision to spot deer on the roadside
    • If one deer bolts, another will follow
    • Keep back from the car in front
    • If a deer dashes in front of you take minimal avoidance action
    • Landowners should clear roadside verges of cover
    • Check your insurance - many companies will classify deer collisions as "Acts of God"
    Also a nice graph showing where deer collisions are worst - Ashdown, Ashridge, Forest of Dean, Thetford

    Useful article all told.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Well yu can thank the scots for all that info willie gun as the finance came from here now dont worry about funding it should be cut as we all need to tighten our belts. But funding for the DI comes from many areas and i dont think they need to worry after all they are only a charity But good info but the cost of over 57000 pounds for it is a bit off.

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    the A14 between kettering and thrapston is a bit of a bad area, nearly every time I travelled over there I'd see a roe carcass on the roadside, counted three one day.

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    I was at my folks yesterday (they get the torygraph) and read this. Good article, unlike robert webbs why I wont go on QT piece, media luvvie knob. Thats for another forum however.


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    well if these big company's like FC etc. didn't over price the stalking then im sure there wouldn't be that many RTA`s.

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    What i found quite interesting about some of the research figures in my area, is they don't seem to add up
    All these reported cases along roads I drive every day,
    but rarely see a carcass lay there
    on one stretch of road near my stalking it has an estimated 365 call out's per year
    the road is not exactly long or busy and I can't imagine the locals are going to report the incidents to the local authority, as they more than likely will take the carcass with them if they see it or hav been involved in the collision in the first place
    i wonder how many RTA's are caused by driver error rather than the deer it'self

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    It is a big con the worst place is Cannock Chaise it is totally run by the FC no one else can shoot there unless you have a few grand to spend then they ask for money to assess the RTS.. who dose the study DI who give them the cash for the study the FC and they then give money to them selves to sort the problem they caused ...its time you soft sutherners asked why FC ground is given to a few groups for private members when you cant get a pot to piss in. I am not sure but when i looked last it was public ground and our cash pays for its miss management.

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    Some years ago my ex mother in law was driving down a sun ken lane with high hedges when a roe jumped over the hedge, straight on to the bonnet and over the roof. The rover estate was a right off and she was v lucky it didnt go through the windscreen.

    I regularly see roe and other species dead on the road side mostlly early on but when I drive back in the evening they have gone. A couple of weeks ago I had to stop and pick up a freshly killed munty in a middle of a road just outside Bath.


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