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Thread: Enlarged spleen

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    Enlarged spleen

    Hi Guy's.

    Just wondering as anyone else as come across an enlarged spleen during your inspectoin and as anyone any theories re the cause,

    Basically we shot a 2 year old spiker this morning on our bit, everything was completely normal behaviour wise before the shot etc.

    On inspectoin i noticed the spleen to be the normal plum colour but was much larger than any i have seen before.

    All the other organs/nodes were also completely normal and the deer was in tip top condition.

    Your thoughts please guys ,


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    Hi Mark
    There is an answer in this weeks shooting times 7 July, from Richard Prior. he says if all else is ok it may be to do with the deer just having eaten and filled up its self. He was answering a question a stalker in Northhumberland thad found the same in a Roe. It;s certainly worth chasing up.

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    Thanks Ian ,
    i will get hold if a copy and look into it.

    Regards Mark.

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    Morena in a mine of information for stuff like this....send him a pm or re-post in the deer welfare section.

    He'll likely give you the best, most thorough answer.

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