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Thread: Tikka 590 stock

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    Tikka 590 stock

    Anyone know where I can source a synthetic stock for my Tikka 590 .308 Left Hand please?


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    Good luck with your quest. I searched for ages but came up blank. I did however find a company that made lovely laminate stocks for a LH tikka and they were dirt cheap. let me know if your interseted and i'll drag out the email they sent me with a quote for a copy of the Sako hunter stock inlet for a LH Tikka 595. from memory it was only a couple of hundred quid in a chioce of colors.


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    Hi Ezzy... Sounds good, can you pm me the details and thanks very much.


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    Fraser google Laminated stock's there is a company in Grimsby uk or Richard Microft u.s.a he does synthetic both are cheap but usa 12-16 weeks, uk had one in for my Tikka at 250.00 posted. Good luck if you cant find the web's pm me

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    You could try Peter Jackson at Jackson Rifles or email mcmillan direct


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    i was told the other day jackson rifles have one for the m595 in stock lefthanded but with bolt cut out on the right

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    Update on my search...I had 2 replies to 4 enquiries so 50/50, not too bad.

    Paul Day at Staffs laminate gunstocks got back to me with a quote for 200 for a laminate stock including swivels fitted. He included 2 photo's of a similar stock which looked pretty good. I thought this was an excellent deal.
    On thinking about it a bit more though I'd like a weight saving on my current stock so I've decided against laminate (I e-mailed Paul).

    Danny Ryan at Staffs synthetic stocks got back to me with a quote but I think I underestimated the cost of a good synthetic so given that I didn't pay that much for the rifle it wasn't economic for me to go ahead.The quote was detailed and sounded fine but just not economic for me (again I e-mailed Danny.


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    I've just got a McMillian for my Tikka M595 l/h, only took 8 months to arrive

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