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Thread: Christmas Dinner the old Fashion way..

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    Christmas Dinner the old Fashion way..

    I popped in to see my gypsy pal today as I do several times a week. Dropped him a few presents off and a couple of beers.
    Very busy today vim he said to me. Got the Christmas dinner on its my time to cook this year for the whole family.
    Four generations he said.
    I asked him politely if I could take a few picture`s and he agree`d. He said put them on that internet thing and show them all how to cook a proper Christmas dinner.
    We have Goose, Venison, Ham, Beef, Cockerel and Lamb he said. Loads of veg and for after`s some steamed spotted Dick..
    Jokingly I asked for a invite, well your part of the family he said. I declined the offer because I know I`d probably get my head kicked after a few beers..
    Salt of the earth these kind of people and im proud to call them my friends..

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    Now that is alfresco cooking, puts my cast iron hot plate to shame, everything shot, cooked and eaten out doors tastes better. not that I shoot indoors of course. (well I did once shoot a mouse on the stiars with a 177 air rifle, took ages to clean the walls.)

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