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Thread: Wamadet Press

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    Wamadet Press

    Just out of curiosity does anyone still have and use a Wamadet press?

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    I still use mine. Still seems quite reliable. Bought originally for swaging 38sp wadcutters but made redundant for that task.

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    Iv still got one.. and use if for full length sizing and seating

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    I've had my Wamadet since the '70s and I've used it for every rifle and pistol handload I've ever made. It's portable, reliable and adaptable, moreover, doesn't need to be bolted to a table, it comes with its own base. I ensure it's covered when not in use and properly lubricated. It'll probably see me out.

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    You can tell the Wamadet is still respected and desirable to those in the know. They only rarely appear for sale and whenever one does, it always sells very quickly.

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    Yes I sold quite a few in the early 80's I always thought them a brilliant concept especially not needing to be bolted down.

    I just wondered if folks still used them

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    GODS teeth that's a name from the past 70's/+ used to do my 45 acp 38 super sizing with red rooster lube

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    I have two that I still use as my main press. I've a rockchucker as well but the Wamdet is great if you don't have a dedicated loading bench.


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    They were well made of good quality. Far removed in both from Batson's Bullet Lube which was utter rubbish.

    My circle...or more correctly Roy Milward at Aylestone Gun Company...believed it was made from waste from an ex-US Army Mack truck engine that they ran 24/7 and emitted the stuff, that 'they' packaged up as Batson's Bullet Lube, from its sump drain hole that they removed every few days.

    Be that as it may compared to RCBS Green Pistol Lube lube, Rooster Red, Mirror Lube (that I imported) or even NRA Formula Alox lube it was total rubbish. Didn't flow, fell out of the bullets' grooves, the job had to be done twice over. Yet the advertisers mythical "George" was always being exhorted to use it. In summary...great press...shame about the bullet lube.
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    I still use mine and I've got a spare
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