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Thread: Steel Zeiss Zielvier Scope

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    Steel Zeiss Zielvier Scope

    Wanted steel Zeiss Zielvier Scope (they are approx 4x32) in reasonable shape please. Would also be interested in a similar scope.
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    I have a Wezlar scope in claw mounts, if that may be of interest. It's the type of scope with a parallel tube and a mounting rail along the bottom; windage adjustment is on the rear mount rather than internal. Needless to say, it has the German No1 reticle. I'd need to have a look at it to give you any more details.

    Manufacture date could be anywhere from the 1930's to the 60's at a guess.
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    Hi Harry, Thank you for your reply. Sounds an interesting scope you have there, but I was after a plain tube scope really for ease of mounting.
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