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Thread: Feckin dog!

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    Feckin dog!

    Well it's now Christmas day and the wife just informs me that one of our Terriers has just snaffled the piece of Genoa cake that our youngest left out for Santa! Trouble is it is full of raisins which I believe are not good for dogs? The glass of red wine is still there though. Any ideas or should we just see what happens? I think I'll just drink the wine to make sure he doesn't get that as well!

    Merry Christmas!
    Oh, almost forgot, I've got to go and eat some carrots off the front doorstep as well so it looks like the Reindeer have been!
    Ho Ho bloody Ho!

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    Haven't you got dtc level 1 and 2 ?? Your not a real dog owner till you have I'm afraid ...... Still never fear I'll do both courses for a mere 800 quid seeing as it's Xmas
    where would we be without my ingenuous and very much needed courses

    merry Christmas to you and yours too !
    Atb Jim
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    Yep Santa has just visited our household and little Briar is still asleep.. Not sure if the hamster he has left behind will survive till morning as the dogs and cat are already aware there is an intruder in the house. Oh well if little Briar is not too keen on the new pet am certain the dogs will have to wait in line behind puss for a play!

    Thought it was chocolate you weren't supposed to feed to dogs, never heard of raisins
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    It's a terrier. There is little on this earth that will kill the little ba$tard.
    Fed my old terrier anything many years ago, including grapes which he loved to nibble on.
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    Grapes and raisins (and chocolate) are bad for your dog! Grapes and raisins will, if you continue to feed them to your pooch cause the kidneys to fail and a pile all at once will do the same. A small sized piece of cake containing raisins in all likelihood will not be enough to cause any real damage, but if the dog starts vomiting or has diarrhoea in the next few days, it's off to the vets pronto! A fatal dose is estimated at half an ounce of raisins for every pound of dog. Only you or the wife knows how many it may have eaten. If you aren't sure, then perhaps the vets is a good call.

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    Our GSP eats grapes from the grapevine in the garden.

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    Our previous terrier ate raisins and grapes and the odd bit of chocolate. She had quite an evolved palette, she loved olives and garlic! Keep an eye on yours, but I imagine it will be fine.

    Merry Christmas!

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    My Lab stole some Brussel Sprouts last year - at least it got rid of the feckers!- they after effect are similar to humans unfortunately!
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    Think yourselves lucky you never owned a Lurcher that stole a cooked turkey while it was left to rest on the worktops
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    Onion is another that bad for em

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