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    I am not familiar with using it much.yesterday I sold something.the funds are in my account but it's on hold.why is this done and when will the on hold be lifted.cheers swaro

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    H Paypal are very annoying when they do this. It is done at random, their excuse is anti fraud and we even get it on our account for online sales that has several thousand a month going through. Funds usually clear in 3 to 5 working days

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    Just don't post until funds clear, until that happens there is no guarantee you have actually been paid.
    Funds are held for several reasons, one of which is the buyer has funded PayPal with a new source that cannot be confirmed.


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    I had this while selling something on ebay and emailed them .it was cleared soon after

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    just done this with mine even tho i phoned them and she said it was sorted the person on other end was paid according to my records in nov but bank stopped it because they didnt recognise the purchase,i phoned bank and other party but i still cant pay because its froze by paypal.its only 9.00quid but thats not the point when all partys think its sorted,they only told me this week.

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    Never pay for an item by "PayPal as a gift" either, even if the seller insists on this as you have no comeback if the item fails to turn up or is faulty, misdescribed etc etc... you can always offer to pay the buyers PayPal fee's if you think you are getting a good deal. I got caught by this when buying a supposedly "as new" rivers west jacket on Freeads a few months ago.

    The jacket on arrival had an obviously faulty full length underarm zip and one of the magnets missing from the pocket closing flap, the seller one RICKY DOWNING also known as "RICKY DAYSTATE" (from Atherstone I believe) on some of the forums, went silent when I asked for a refund and predictable thereafter ceased all communication, PayPal when contacted pointed out that as I sent money via the gift option that there was no form of protection.

    Luckily and very generously, Rivers west sent me a brand new jacket from the states as a replacement when I enquired about getting a replacement zip fitted.

    Warning - if you ever buy off the above seller, insist on paying via PayPal but NOT with PayPal as a gift.... with bank transfer etc you obviously get no protection at all either.... I have never had a problem with PayPal but paying using the gift option was down to me being too trustworthy.
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    Still waiting for a refund of 145 quid to be released by these sharks, lesson learned in future I'll just use my credit card!

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    i joined paypal a fare bit ago and then stopped, been very problematic so i'll not go back.

    bank transfer is the way i do it, with a printout of the date time and amount paid,

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    I've stopped using Paypal. Had a dodgy transaction and one of my workmates was scammed on Paypal.

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