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Thread: Sound mod for 7x57

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    Sound mod for 7x57

    Just wondering which sound mod you guys who have 7x57 caliber rifles are using?.
    My tikka when its done will have a lightweight sporter profile 20 inch barrel.... and I want to keep the weight down and reckon that an over barrel mod will reduce what 'whippiness' there may be.
    I'm contemplating the dpt magnum mod.... but was just wondering what you guys use. I already own a T8 and jet z.... but they are too heavy and I chose a lighter barrel to help reduce the weight of the tikka beast lol.

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    I've not used any of the lighter moderators, I've got an SL6 for the 338 project, but when I looked at them a while ago Schultz and Larsen came very highly recommended and very well priced, not seen a bad review either in Mags or on here. They are about 60g heavier than a DPT mind.
    I actually bought one in 30cal but didn't use it. It's for sale at a very good price and I'll be in Yorkshire in Jan if you did want it.
    No pressure though, obviously it's not 7mm specific and it's heavier than the DPT so don't think I'm trying to force you to buy my crap!
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    I use a hausken overbarrel on my 7x57 very lightwieght quiet enough for me there are quiter mods out there but usualy a lot heavier if u want to keep it a light as possible you will usually have to sacrifice the fact that most lightwieght mods will be a little noisier but there not a lot in it

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    +1 on the Hausken.


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    Atec maxim - very pleased with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JockStalk View Post
    Atec maxim - very pleased with it.

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    I use an MAE T series 30 Compact Bushless moderator on my 7x57 and am very happy with it. I also use it on my .243. They are really well made, very durable and more to the point, are very safe indeed. To the Mk 1 ear I have only found the much heavier Jet-Z to be better in noise reduction, and that is not by much.


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    +1 atec maxim I love mine

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