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Thread: Swarovski / Leica warranty

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    Swarovski / Leica warranty

    Hi all I'm considering treating myself to some new binoculars. Could anyone tell me if the swaro's and Leica 's still carry a lifetime warranty if purchased from new?. Thanks Sidney

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    Thanks for that not very good then when your spending 2k. I wonder why they have changed from the lifetime warranty.

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    not sure, also i think the warranty on swarovski electrics is 2 years though when the red dot on my swaro scope failed after 4 years they fixed it foc

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    It's complicated, but I think it is to do with consumer protection law changes. Or something. Zeiss too don't offer it any longer.

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    None of them do
    in principal the warranty is significantly better than any other high end technical product
    once past the full warranty period you will find the cover is parts only
    still good considering

    you can spend £100k on a car with significantly more chance of component failure and get a 3 yr standard warranty

    wouldnt be too upset

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    I think Minox offer Lifetime Warranty, but they (and a couple of others) are the exception to the rule...

    It's one good reason to buy "previously loved" Swaro optics, as the older stuff same with a 30 year warranty. Get them serviced, and you've got kit that will go on and on

    I've got a PH 1.25-4x24 scope that was built in 2000, and has 4 years more warranty than a brand new Z8i 1-8x24 costing £1300 more
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    Leica warranty is second to none, had the rubber armouring replaced on my ultra vids, collected via UPS at their coat and delivered back to me within 13 days after a complete refurb.

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    Depends on models really, especially if electronics are involved, the glass always has more warranty than the electrics which makes sense when you think of it.

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    Thanks for your replies and help it does make me feel more at ease with buying a new pair of binoculars. I was considering a rangefinder model I'm not so fussed about the ballistic data at this moment in time. Now its decision time the Leica's or the Swarovski they seem pretty much on par but there is a price difference as most are aware off.

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