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Thread: barrel blacking

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    Angry barrel blacking

    I want to reblack a rifle action and barrel - who can anyone recommend? (a switch barrel rifle where the removal of the action to change barrels has rubbed some of the blacking off the action and the barrel). Any information on costs would also be a help.

    And a happy new year to all!

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    Depends on whether you want a traditional bluing or Cerakote to look the same (or not).

    For Bluing - try Welsh Warrior on here - or more locally, Chris Watts at Lucas and Watts Gunsmiths.
    For Cerakote - Tactical Coatings UK (and I have seen some high-end shotguns finished by them that are remarkable)
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    Thanks guys - the ceracote finish sounds best for longlevity (especially with switch barrel rifles).

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    dont forget Duracoat
    i have used both and have had the better results with duracoat
    if your lucky to have a small spraying compressor and HVLP Spray gun its better than the aerosols mixture
    with all these coatings on gun metals its all about the preparation work and baking of the paint
    although they are both a resin based paint and will go off with out baking
    its just better and more hard waring
    if you need help let me know

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    For traditional blueing give Jammer (J)Gibbs a ring he is in Shoshcombe near Bath and he is very good

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