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Thread: .308 Bullet choice

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    .308 Bullet choice


    Just had a condition for deer put on my .308 so I'd like to work up a load.
    Given the myriad of bullet choices does anyone have any suggestions as to what bullets to use?

    I use a 155gr Sierra Match for target so I'd like to get as ballistically close to that as possible.

    Thanks in advance,


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    A search on here will give you more info than you could use.........

    When I had my .308, I used 44gr V140, in 150gr Sierra Gamekings. It seems to be a good cocktail for the .308, several on here use it. Again the .308 is apparently a very forgiving calibre/cartridge.

    Obviously, this worked well for me, may not work for your rifle, normal conditions for finding loads for your rifle to be used.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    As already stated, you can't go wrong with 150gr Gamekings.
    I don't know what load you are already using for your 155gr target loads but I reckon you would not be far off using the same powder and maybe even the same load to start with.

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    150 g speer flat base spitzer with 46g n140 works well for me. pprox 2900 fps if I recall correctly and no signs of excess pressure in my rifle. Work up to this carefully following normal procedures though.


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    Just don't go thinking you have to buy the latest wonder bullet at 40 odd/100. There's nothing wrong with them, they work, but the cheaper bullets in 308 work just as well against any quarry you are likely to encounter in Europe up to the size of wild boar.
    The standard S.P. bullets offered by Speer, Sierra and Hornady will all get the job done as quickly and efficiently as each other.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    In my sako i use 150g soft point speer or hornady bullets with cci primers with 45grains of varget powder this is a smooth round to shoot & with correct bullet placement no meat damage
    I have reloaded with 150g nosler ballistic tips same recipe with zero no effected, give it a try you will not be disappointed cheers Steve.

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    Outside of the UK one would use 155gr A-max. At 300m they shot to the same point as the SMK's
    out of my rifle. I wouldn't use SMK's on any game, but the A-max at 308 speed is very good (outside UK).
    The 155 VLD's also shot very similar, maybe they are allowed on game in the UK.

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    i use 150 grn sierra sp with 44 1/2 grains of varget cci bench rest primers a good bullet,i also use varget for my 243.
    with the 308 there is 1inch drop at 200m and for me that's bang on.from what ive been told you cant go far wrong with varget,its a good burning powder.

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    Thanks for all the input, I think I'll start with the Sierra 150gr's. Unfortunately my local shop only has Nosler's at the moment (30/50), the Sierra's are "on back order" - so I have some hunting to do (pardon pun).

    I'm using 42.5gr of N140 in the SMK's, it's pretty slow at 2500fps but it does well out to 800yds.
    Rifle is a Tikka T3 varmint with a 20" barrel.

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    I know this isn't much help but my helpful hint and tip is to use whatever you can get a regular supply of. I've found that the local gunshops will have, say, the Sierras and just when I've a load worked up they are no longer available and asking for them results in a lot of "they are on order, come back in a week..." My experience is that you'll never see them again. I've managed to work up a good, accurate load for the Hornady Spire Points that gives me great velocity as well and I managed to buy 300 of them last time they were available. It is a bummer we can't get expanding bullets mail order here in the UK as it really does limit our choice and make working up a load a real pain.

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